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Ningyo Hime


These are the lyrics to the second outtro song of Chobits, starting at Episode 13. The CD single containing this song is due to be released on August 21, 2002.


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Japanese (Romaji)/English Lyrics

yoru no machi wa shizukade fukai uminoyou

tsuzuku michi ni tada watashi hitori dake

tooi koe wo tayori ni aruite yuku no

zutto sagashiteru

sottou hikaru HARMONI hikari

The town is quiet during the night like a deep sea

I continue to walk down the road alone

Relying on a voice far away

I search for that faint

Harmonious light

nee anata wo mitsukete soshite nidoto wasurezu

donna ni mune ga itakutemo soba ni iru no

zutto zutto

If I find you, I won't lose you a second time

No matter the pain in my chest, I'll always be near

Always... always

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