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Anna Maria

Race of a Thousand Camels

Vocals:Jasmine Rodgers
Lyrics:Jasmine Rodgers

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English Lyrics

I knew the dance
I felt the heat
A million faces stared at me
I felt the earth, move to a beat
A million ways in which to sing
Ah, and in the midst, I saw the mayor
He looked at me with such a glare
And then I danced my secret dance
A million angels sang to me ah

Make sure she will be alright
Make sure she will be fine
A million voices will leave her...

And then the crowd began to sway
A million eyes looking my way
I felt the sunbeat on the earth
A thousand ways in which to play
Ah, and then I felt one hundred heard
A million angels smiled at me
And then I danced another dance
As people started to begin

Tell her she will be alright
Tell her she will be fine
A million voices will leave her

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