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Two Steps

Tall Snake EP

Vocals:Jasmine Rodgers
Lyrics:Jasmine Rodgers

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English Lyrics

Little miss miss she's had some troubles but
She gonna sort it out early in the morning
And when you come home
You gonna watch her sleep and hold her close
And stroke her face

In the morning
You gonna stare at her
And wonder why you feel the way you do now
But she will hold you, and reach out to touch you
And never never never hurt your heart

Oh, it's easy but its just too easy for you now
She gives you everything but
That's not what you wanna do

And in the morning, when she wakes up
You walk away now, you don't turn around
But she holds you
She holds you in her heart she'll never let you go

In the evening, when you come home
You save the whiskey and you talk about your dreams
And you hold her when she cries `cos
She's feeling lonely, the same way that you do
When you're feeling, the way you're feeling now
You hold the pillow and you think about her
And when she holds you, your cold stare melts
And your heart warms to her

Oh this girl, she's got to you and you're afraid of it
She gives you everything but, that's not what you wanna do

In the morning, you're just gonna turn around
You break it, you're gonna break the bond
You're gonna smash the bottle of whiskey
And after all the things that she told you
You're gonna make love like you never have
You're gonna make it feel like she meant nothing to you
She gonna cry now and wonder why now
The way you made her feel

But little miss miss she's having problems
But she's gonna make it, she's a strong one
And your heart well it's already melted
But she will never dissolve

In the morning, she gonna make love
She gonna make it like she's never done before
She's gonna scare you with the passion
She's gonna make it seem like she don't care
She's gonna hold you close, she gonna make you cry
She's gonna make it feel like you don't care
You're gonna need her she's gonna love you
And melt your cold stare

Hello... hello...

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