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One Day

Race of a Thousand Camels

Vocals:Steve Rodgers
Lyrics:Steve Rodgers

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English Lyrics

Last night I felt it
Burning through my mind
I just wanna be your friend
And I want you to know

In the light of a new day
I left it all to you
In the night of confusion
I love you

Today I am stronger
In so many ways
I just wanna be there
And I need you to see

In the light of a new day
I left it all to you
I'm just looking for a way out
And something else to do

I can feel it
Don't you see it
That I'm flying
Over the mountains
Don't you see that I need it

I won't be happy till you're out the door
You won't be happy till you get some more
You need me
You love me, you love me

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