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Chrono Cross - Characters List

Note: You can acquire characters from previous games at the end of the game. After creating the Chrono Cross, go to the dimensional portal in Home Hydra Marshes and travel to the Dimensional Vortex. While there, use the Chrono Cross.


Name Information ...
Serge Find:Home Arni Village Origin:Arni
Desc:Silent Protagonist Age:17 (male)
Innate:White Hand:Right-handed
How:Initial character
Techs:L7 FlyingArrow - Automatically acquired. Try using this technique with the Mastermune equipped for an alternate effect.
Poshul Find:Home Arni Village Origin:Arni
Desc:The ``Wonder Dog'' ??? Age:Unknown (female)
Innate:Yellow Hand:Dominant Paw Unknown
How:Get the Heckran Bone from the bar, and give it to Poshul.
Techs:L7 Unleashed - Talk to Leena in Home Arni Village after you are restored as Serge, with Poshul in the party.
Leena Find:Another Arni Village Origin:Arni
Desc:Sweet Country Gal Age:16 (female)
Innate:Blue Hand:Right-handed
How:DON'T get Poshul in the beginning of the game, and DON'T let Kid join you at Cape Howl, then return to Arni. Leena and (Another) Poshul will join automatically.
Techs:L7 MaidenFaith - In the beginning of the game, you need to remember the promise you made with Leena in the beginning of the game, AND say that you won't forget this day either. Once Serge is restored, take Leena to her grandmother in Home Arni Village.
Kid Find:Another Cape Howl Origin:Unknown (until end of game :)
Desc:Mysterious Traveler Age:16 (female)
Innate:Red Hand:Ambidextrous
How:Accept when she asks to join you. She'll ask three times, at Another Cape Howl, in Another Termina, and Another Viper Manor.
Techs:L7 HotShot - During the flashback to the orphanage, enter the code for LARA (L1-Tri-R1-Tri) into the machine in the first room.
Mojo Find:Another Arni Village Origin:Far East
Desc:Cursed Voodoo Doll Age:Unknown (male)
Innate:Black Hand:Dominant Arm Unknown
How:Get the Shark Tooth from Kiki's father in Home Arni Village in the beginning of the game, BEFORE you go to Another World. In Another Arni Village, give the Shark Tooth to Kiki's father (by the shrine) after you return from Cape Howl.
Guile Find:Another Termina Origin:Zenan Mainland
Desc:Masked Magician Age:26 (male)
Innate:Black Hand:Right-handed
How:Choose Guile's subquest. Guile is in the bar.
Techs:L7 LightninRod - Automatic
Nikki Find:Another Shadow Forest Origin:S.S. Zelbess
Desc:Rockin' Bard Superstar Age:19 (male)
Innate:Blue Hand:Right-handed
How:Choose Nikki's subquest. You'll need to talk to Miki abort the ship. She'll tell you Nikki went to the Shadow Forest.
Pierre Find:Another Termina Origin:
Desc: Age:
Innate:Variable Hand:
How:Choose Pierre's subquest. Get the Hero Medal from the kid outside the blacksmith's shop, then go into the back room of the blacksmith shop and give the medal to Pierre.

Save Kid Subquest

Name Information ...
Korcha Find:Another Guldove Origin:Guldove
Desc:Fisherman and Ferryman Age:16 (male)
Innate:Blue Hand:Right-handed
How:Automatic if you choose to save Kid.
Techs:L7 BigCatch - Go to Another Termina with Korcha in the party. Talk to the caged mermaid twice; leave the screen and return; examine the cage and talk to its owner; and go down a screen and talk to the mermaid in the water.
Razzly Find:Home Hydra Marsh Origin:Water Dragon Isle
Desc:A Forest Fairy Age:Unknown (female)
Innate:Green Hand:Dominant Arm Unknown
How:Save from the Pentapus in Hydra Marsh. You must choose to save Kid.
Techs:L7 RazFlower - To get this, Razzly must NOT be in the party during the Hydra Humour quest, and MUST be in the party during the Ice Breath quest. Go to Home Water Dragon Isle at the end of the game (at Terra Tower), and have Razzly talk to the faery by the tree (which is now blossoming).
Greco Find:Another Termina Origin:Zenan Mainland
Desc:Psychic Ex-Wrestler Age:33 (male)
Innate:Red Hand:Right-handed
How:Ask him to join at his house
Techs:L7 GraveDigger - Have Greco talk to the lady in his house in HOME Termina.
Luccia Find:Another Viper Manor Origin:Zenan Mainland
Desc:Scientific Genius Age:28 (female)
Innate:Black Hand:Right-handed
How:Fall into the trap in the vault, and return to talk to her once you have a boat. You may need to release Pip to get her to come.
Techs:L7 TestAmeba - With Luccia, go down the grate in the kitchen in Another Viper Manor. Cross the waterway and inspect the blob by the treasure chest. Termina.
NeoFio Find:Another Viper Manor Origin:Viper Manor
Desc:A ``Flower Child'' Age:5 (female)
Innate:Green Hand:Omnidextrous
How:Get the Life Sparkle from Another Hydra Marsh, take it to the balcony of Another Viper Manor, and give the sparkle to NeoFio.
Techs:L7 BamBamBam - Take NeoFio to Home Sky Dragon Isle; talk to the land octopus; leave the screen and return; talk to the land octopus again and help the butterfly.
Pip Find:Another S.S. Invincible Origin:Viper Manor Lab
Desc:Guinea Pig Experiment Age:Unknown (male)
Innate:Variable Hand:Dominant Paw Unknown
How:Release Pip in Another Viper Manor; later you'll see him in the Invincible artillery room, chase him to join.
Skelly Find:Another Termina Origin:Zenan Mainland
Desc:Skeleton Clown Age:32 (male)
Innate:Black Hand:Left-handed
How:Collect his parts
Techs:L7 OnARoll - take Skelly to the bar in Home Termina.

Don't Save Kid

Name Information ...
Glenn Find:Another Termina Origin:Termina
Desc:Noble Knight Age:20 (male)
Innate:Green Hand:Right-handed
How:Will ask to borrow your boat when you return to Another Termina, after you witness the sequence between him and the flower-seller.
Macha Find:Another Termina Origin:Guldove
Desc:Gutsy Mother of 2 Age:38 (female)
Innate:Red Hand:Right-handed
How:Will ask to join after Glenn joins.
Doc Find:Another Guldove Origin:Zenan Mainland
Desc:Village Physician Age:27 (male)
Innate:White Hand:Left-handed
How:Will ask to join after you return to Guldove and find that Kid has recovered (after the S.S. Invincible sequence).

After Transformation

Name Information ...
Lynx Find:Another Fort Dragonia Origin:Arni
Desc:Feline Demi-human Age:17 (male)
Innate:Black Hand:Right-handed
Techs:L7 ForeverZero - automatic
Sprigg Find:Dimensional Vortex Origin:Dimension Vortex
Desc:Lovable Old Lady Age:224 (female)
Innate:Green Hand:Left-handed
Harle Find:Dimensional Vortex Origin:Unknown
Desc:Enigmatic Jester Age:18 (female)
Innate:Black Hand:Right-handed
Techs:L7 Lunairetic - automatic
Radius Find:Home Arni Village Origin:Zenan Mainland
Desc:Village Chief Age:62 (male)
Innate:Green Hand:Right-handed
Techs:L7 VitalEnergy - automatic
Van Find:Home Termina Origin:Termina
Desc:Penny-wise Artist Age:14 (male)
Innate:Green Hand:Left-handed
How:When you first go to Home Termina, go to their home and ``hire'' Van. After talking to him a few times, he will join.
Techs:L7 PiggyBoink - to increase the size of the bank, have Van talk to his father and himself in Another Termina. You can also deposit money into the piggy bank at Home Termina.
Zappa Find:Home Termina Origin:Zenan Mainland
Desc:Obstinate Blacksmith Age:52 (male)
Innate:Red Hand:Right-handed
How:Talk to him in Home Termina. Will also acquire the Smith Spirit.
Techs:L7 BallsOfIron - automatic
Norris Find:Home Viper Manor Origin:Porre, Zenan
Desc:``Black Wind'' Leader Age:26 (male)
Innate:Yellow Hand:Right-handed
Techs:L7 TopShot - Have Norris talk to himself in Another Viper Manor (in the parlor). Can do this after either Zoah or Karsh have joined.
Sneff Find:Home S.S. Zelbess Origin:Unknown
Desc:Aged Illusionist Age:53 (male)
Innate:Yellow Hand:Right-handed
How:Talk to him after exposing Fargo's cheating.
Techs:L7 SwordTrick - automatic

Save Marbule!

Name Information ...
Irenes Find:Home S.S. Zelbess Origin:The Ocean
Desc:Late Zelbess's Sister Age:16 (female)
Innate:Blue Hand:Right-handed
How:Automatic if you save Marbule
Techs:L7 SirenSong - after Home Marbule is reopened, take Irenes to the first hut, and have her talk to the witch doctor twice.
Janice Find:Home S.S. Zelbess Origin:S.S. Zelbess
Desc:Bunny-Girl Trainer Age:22 (female)
Innate:Red Hand:Right-handed
How:Defeat her monsters three times in the Grand Slam (can only do this after completing the Zelbess quest). You will want to memorize some monsters in advance so you can dopplegang. These battles are pretty easy with Ozzie, Flea and Slash :)
Techs:L7 What'sUpDoc - take Janice to the Bend of Time and talk to the land octopus there.
Karsh Find:Another Termina Origin:El Nido
Desc:One of the 4 Devas Age:27 (male handed - Right-handed)
Innate:Green Hand:
How:Always joins at one of two points in the game
Techs:L7 Axiomatic - retrieve from Solt and Peppor automatically during the Dario subquest. Acquired in Another Isle of the Damned.
Zoah Find:Another Termina Origin:El Nido
Desc:One of the 4 Devas Age:28 (male)
Innate:Yellow Hand:Right-handed
How:Always joins at one of two points in the game
Techs:L7 Toss&Spike - Check Zoah's room in Another Viper Manor. Zoah must be at the head of the party to open the chest.
Orcha Find:Another Viper Manor Origin:Guldove
Desc:Fiery Cook Age:44 (male)
Innate:Red Hand:Right-handed
Techs:L7 DinnerGuest - have Orcha talk to his brother Belcha, back in Home Arni Village. You need to go behind the counter to talk to his brother.
Grobyc Find:Another Viper Manor Origin:Unknown
Desc:Cyborg Assassin Age:26 (male)
Innate:Black Hand:Right-handed
Techs:L7 StrongArm - take Grobyc to Chronopolis 2F, and have him open the long chest in the room to the right.
Riddel Find:Another Hermit's Hideout Origin:El Nido
Desc:Lady of Viper Manor Age:24 (female)
Innate:White Hand:Right-handed
How:Talk to her in the hideout. Automatic.
Techs:L7 SnakeFangs - automatic at the end of the Dario subquest, after defeating Dario. You must have the MementoPendant for this to work.
Viper Find:Another S.S. Invincible Origin:El Nido
Desc:Lord of El Nido Age:57 (male)
Innate:Yellow Hand:Right-handed
Techs:L7 FlagBearer - take Viper to the bar in Home Termina.
Fargo Find:Another S.S. Invincible Origin:Unknown
Desc:Pirate Captain Age:40 (male)
Innate:Blue Hand:Right-handed
Techs:L7 Invincible - received automatically if you opted to save Marbule.
Marcy Find:Another S.S. Invincible Origin:Zenan Mainland
Desc:``Diva'' of the 4 Devas Age:9 (female)
Innate:Blue Hand:Left-handed
Techs:L7 WebSurfer - automatic
Miki Find:Home S.S. Zelbess Origin:S.S. Zelbess
Desc:Dancer Extraordinaire Age:19 (female)
Innate:Red Hand:Right-handed
How:Talk to her after saving Marbule, she's in the room next to the kitchen, on the balcony.
Techs:L7 DanceOnAir - automatic
Leah Find:Home Gaea's Navel Origin:Gaea's Navel
Desc:Cave Girl Age:6 (female)
Innate:Yellow Hand:Ambidextrous
How:Automatic during green dragon quest
Techs:L7 TripleKick - automatic
Starky Find:Home Sky Dragon Isle Origin:Another Planet
Desc:A Stray `Gray' Age:Unknown (male)
Innate:White Hand:Ambidextrous
How:Get the Star Fragment from Home El Nido Triangle, then go to Home Sky Dragon Isle to fight MegaStarky. After battle, chase Starky to get him to join.
Techs:L7 StarStruck - after retrieving the anti-gravity generator from Starky's ship in Another El Nido Triangle, go back to Starky's ship with Starky in the party.
Steena Find:Home Guldove Origin:Guldove
Desc:Shrine Maiden Age:24 (female)
Innate:White Hand:Right-handed
How:Automatic after the 6 dragon quests
Techs:L5 HydraShadow - take Steena to Another Hydra Marsh and go to the same place where you saved Razzly earlier. Be prepared for a battle!
L7 GaraiShadow - take Steena to Garai's grave in Home Isle of the Damned.
Draggy Find:Home Fort Dragonia Origin:Fossil Valley
Desc:Cute Baby Dragon Age:0 (male)
Innate:Red Hand:Front-left-clawed
How:Place the Big Egg (acquired in Another Fossil Valley) into the incubator on the lower level of Home Fort Dragonia.
Techs:L7 BigBreath - take Draggy to Another Fossil Valley and examine the skull at the excavation site.

Back to Serge

Name Information ...
Turnip Find:Home Hermit's Hideout Origin:Hermit's Hideout
Desc:A Total Vegetable Age:3 (male)
Innate:Green Hand:Right-rhizomed
How:After acquiring Ice Breath, go to the patch of ground that is hot in Home Hermit's Hideout, and use Ice Breath. Later in the game, bring Poshul to pull Turnip out of the ground.
Techs:L7 VegOut - take both Turnip and NeoFio to the pond on the balcony at Another Viper Manor.
Orhla Find:Another Guldove Origin:Guldove
Desc:Gladiatrix Barkeep Age:23 (female)
Innate:Blue Hand:Left-handed
How:While Lynx, defeat her in Another Guldove to get the SapphireBrooch, then return the SapphireBrooch to her when you are restored as Serge.
Techs:L7 SisterHoods - take Orhla to Doc in Home Guldove.
Mel Find:Another Guldove Origin:Guldove
Desc:Doodling Brat Age:10 (female)
Innate:Yellow Hand:Right-handed
How:Must do Korcha's path (save Kid) and chase after Mel to recover the element grid. Late in the game, after Kid is revived, take Kid to talk to Mel to get Mel to join. You also get the Guldovian Stitch from Mel at this time.
Techs:L7 Tantrum - automatic
Funguy Find:Home Shadow Forest Origin:Termina
Desc:Mushroom Man Age:Unknown (male)
Innate:Yellow Hand:Right-handed
How:Go to the underwater river in Home Shadow Forest, there is a cave blocked by a wraith there. Defeat the wraith and a man in the cave will give you a mushroom. Take the mushroom to the cavern behind the waterfall in the forest, and give it to the man there.
Techs:L7 Myconoids - after Serge is restored, take Funguy to the cave where you found him.