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Chrono Cross - Window Frames

Throughout the game you can obtain several window frames to use in the game. They serve very little purpose but they're fun to collect :) Follows is the list of window frames that I am aware of...

Name Location Details
Arnian Wood Initial frame
Iron Plate Initial frame
Simple Line Initial frame
Guldovian Stitch Another Guldove To get this, you have to have taken Korcha's path (to save Kid), and have chased after Mel to recover Kid's element grid. Once Kid has been revived at the end of the game, talk to Mel to get this frame and have her join your party.
Infrared Vision Home Fossil Valley Found behind the big skull on upper level
Monster Mouth Home S.S. Zelbess Obtain while you are a cat. Enter the kitchen using the cat door, and talk to the cat inside.
Our Favourite Martian Home Sky Dragon Isle Defeat MegaStarky, then talk to the guy that was afraid of Starky on top of the island; he will give you the frame.
Porre's Furnace Another Viper Manor Find the hidden ladderway behind the desk in the library. Go down and talk to the beach bum below; it will give you this frame. The creature will also allow you to change your name. (Recognize the ship? :)
Quill and Papyrus Home Marbule Defeat the black dragon the ``proper'' way (by saving Marbule), then go to Marbule (Home) after you have restored Serge. Talk to Toma twice (he's in the cave, top-left of the screen).
Skullduggery Another Shadow Forest Choose the Nikki branch in Another Termina. In Shadow Forest, feed all three land octopi to the Quaffid; instead of fighting the Quaffid will give you the frame. (You can also recover this frame later in the game, if you did not choose the Nikki branch).
Shellfish Home Arni Village Search around the cart of the element seller in Arni Village (Home). There is also a Rainbow Shell there, but you cannot recover that until the village is abandoned in the middle of the game.
Snakes and Orbs Another Gaia's Navel Get an Ancient Fruit and call the Wingapede in Another Hydra Marsh (same spot that you called it in Home Hydra Marsh). In one spot there is a platform you can climb to, with only a Prehisteric on it. Beat the Prehisteric to get this frame.
Tea for Three Another Termina Search around the outside of the house in the top-left of the main screen. There's a man hiding in the shadows there; if you say ``Understood'' you will get this frame.
Tropical Paradise Another Guldove Obtained if you choose not to help Kid when she is poisoned; Macha gives it to you automatically during the game.
Valencian Cloth Another Marbule Enter Marbule (Another) with an all demi-human party -- this can be done during the dragon quest, but cannot be done while Serge leads the party. One of the demihumans will give this to you as a present.