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Legendary Weapons

Cloudy Mirror

To acquire the legendary weapons in FFX, you must first acquire the cloudy mirror and convert it to the celestial mirror. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Get the Cloudy Mirror from Remiem Temple (this is the first prize awarded when you race chocobos)
  2. Go to Macalania Wood after acquiring Airship.
  3. Talk to the Mother/Son at the southern entrance (towards Thunder Plains), who will mention the father who is late.
  4. Go east toward the patrolling guards. At the 4-way intersection, take the northern fork; father is there.
  5. Go back to the family; the son is now missing.
  6. Go up crystal path to the left. Head north at the 3-way intersection, find the son, and use the mirror here to get the Celestial Mirror.

Once you get the celestial mirror, return to the same place with the legendary weapons to power them up. You need the corresponding crest and sigil to powerup each legendary weapon.

Legendary Weapons and Powerups

Initially, weapons are equipped with ``No AP'' only. To powerup, locate the appropriate crest and sigil and return to Macalania Wood and use Celestial Mirror at crystal in the treetops.