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Morrid's Coffee

Morrid, the old man living at the base of the Observation Mountain near Dali Village, loves his coffee. He has a mini-model of the Theatre Ship in his house, and if you examine it the first time you visit Dali, Morrid will offer you the model in exhange for three rare coffees from around the world. Acquire these coffees, and the model is yours! You must take the coffees to Morrid during Disc 3; he will not be around in Disc 4.

Moccha Coffee

``Sipping coffee at sunrise is the best thing life has to offer, y'all!'' -- Cinna, Closet Lover de Caffe

Find this at the South Gate's Bohden Arch, near the Chocobo Forest (it also has a refresh-spring in it). In an earlier ATE, we see Cinna making coffee at this location, shortly before you leave Lindblum for Burmecia.

Kirman Coffee

``Roasting coffee beans slowly enhances their rich flavor and aroma. Did you know that?'' -- Morrid of Dali Village

Find this coffee in Eiko's kitchen, in Madain Sari. It is not hard to find.

Burman Coffee

``Each cup makes you forget the hustle and bustle of daily life. Come getthe experience of a lifetime!'' -- Auctioneer

This one is more difficult. At the beginning of Disc 3, you'll notice that the Dali mayor is trying to get a hotel room in Lindblum for the coronation; this means he is not at his home, ready to chase you out like he did earlier! When you go to Treno for the card tournament, before completing the tournament you must return to Dali and search the mayor's house. Search the desk 3 times (to acquire the Mini Brahne and make sure the boy on the couch is asleep), then search the heater to get the Mayor's key. Use this to unlock the door in the windmill, and open the chest twice to obtain 30,000 gil and the coffee.