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Final Fantasy IX - Eidolon Wall

The following can be read at the Eidolon wall in disc 4, going clockwise (to the right). To view these, go to Madain Sari with Dagger in your party, and attempt to talk to Lani (she will run away). Leave and return with anyone EXCEPT Dagger or Amarant in your party, and talk to Lani twice. Then head back to Eidolon Wall; head right until the chime, then left until next chime, etc. Repeat 9 times; when HP/MP are recovered, you may read the writings.

Fear not the power of
summon magic, but the ones
who use it.

Greed and instability
endlessly repeat old mistakes.

Will omniscience set us free?


This is where the fault lines collide.
Listen to the planet's heartbeat.
Breathe slowly, and calm your mind.
Let memories return to you.

Memories shape time.
Time overlaps.
The overlap becomes our memory.
Memories construct time.

History repeats itself.
We must stand in its flow and
understand the world.
Such is the goal of our tribe.


The Legend of Eidolons

We discovered eidolons by researching
legends documented from around the world.

The Thunder God, Ramuh, is
one of those legends.

Some theorize that the eidolons were
created from the legends, and not
the other way around.


The First Eidolon Discovered,

Shiva took the form of a young girl when
she was first discovered. She now
appears as a grown woman.

Eidolons adapt their forms to the
time and culture in which they appear.
Shiva illustrates this theory.

In certain areas, Shiva is depicted
as a snow fairy. This cannot be verified,
since the only written document that
remains is in the summoner village.

People associate Shiva with
the snow fairy.

Why she changes forms remains a mystery.


When the arrogant one summoned a
power that could not be controlled,
holy judgment was passed.

The jewel of this village must serve
as a reminder of the day we had to
leave our country.


We repeated the mistake our
ancestors made 500 years ago.

We failed an attempted summon at
the foot of the Iifa Tree. The area
surrounding the tree was unaffected,
but we sealed the area as
they would have done 500 years ago.


Eiko, my lovely child.

Until you turn 16 and have your own
eidolon to your control,
stay in this village.

Then build strong friendships with others.

I wish for your happiness from
far away.


Eiko, You are a treasure born to a dying village.

We are dying, and there is little we can
do for you.

We shall return to the stars
with one wish in mind.

If legends are not born of eidolons,
and eidolons but born out of legends,

let us leave this place with one wish:

If we can give birth to a legend,
it shall create an eidolon that is
friend and protector of humans.


This information is yet to be confirmed,
but there was an eyewitness account
of a previously-undiscovered eidolon.

It was witnessed in
Esto Gaza.

If there is an eidolon that can exist
outside of our legends, our theory
would no longer hold true.

But maybe there are other tribes
that have legends of their own.

After all quotations have been read, the following letter, written to Garnet, appears under one of the drawings:

I survived the storm.
I wonder if you two are okay?

I see the two of you smile
every time I close my eyes.

I imagine I see you
when I open my eyes.

I have a mortal wound.
I won't be able to wait
for you very long.

I regret being so unemotional
for all these years.

I'm writing down everything here
in the hope that you'll read it someday.

To my dearest wife, Jane,
Although we fought many times,
and I may not have shown my affection
enough, I love you very much.

To my beloved daughter, Sarah,
My life changed when you were born.
You made me happy.
These are the things I want you to know.