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Land Spirits

Periodically, you will encounter friendly creatures in battle who will ask for various items (Ore, Moonstone, etc). These creatures are the Land Spirits. You don't have to help them out, but if you don't help them, you will never be able to reach Ozma. I strongly recommend you help them out by giving them the items they request.

Below is a chart of the Land Spirits, including where you can find them and what items they will request. Once you meet the final Land Spirit (a Yan), it will tell you that you can reach ``the big round guy'' now. The ``big round guy'' in question is Ozma, who is impossible to reach with short-range physical attacks up to this point.

Spirit Asks for Location
Mu 1x Ore Stone Found around the village of Dali
Ghost 1x Ore Stone In front of Treno, or around South Gate, and in-between
Ladybug 2x Ore Stone Ladybug can be found around Black Mage village, in the forest surrounding it
Yeti 2x Ore Stone Yeti can be found in the forest around Madain Sari
Nymph 3x Ore Stone Nymph can be found in the only forest by the Iifa Tree
Jabberwock 1x Emerald Jabberwock can be found in the forest east of Oeilvert
Feather Circle 1x Moonstone Feather Circle can be found on the Lost Continent (the snowy continent). Run along the Chocobo tracks (near the southern beach of the continent) to encounter Feather Circle.
Garuda 1x Lapis Lazuli Garuda can be found on the outside of Gizamaluke Grotto, after climbing the rope near the save point located within it.
Yan 1x Diamond Yan can be found on Vile Island (the big island near the center of the world map). Be sure you have found all other 8 Land Spirits, or else Yan will run away.