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Final Fantasy IX - All About Moogles

Moogle Locations

KupoSteeple in the town
Alexandria Castle
MoshKnight's dressing room
Later, in the basement dungeons
Evil Forest
MoscoTheatre ship crash site (relocates later)
MontyHidden in the hollow tree stump at the spring (relocates later)
Ice Cavern
MoisIn sanctuary-like area (relocates later)
Dali Village
GumoDali inn
KumopDali underground factory
MoodonInn, Business District
MogkiCastle Guest Room (relocates temporarily)
MoonteDragon's Gate exit
Gizmaluke Grotto
MogmiAfter large bell room, near exit rope (with Moguta)
Summit Base / S. Gate Bohden Station
GrimoAt base, by summit car
AtlaIn tomb, near palace
Alexandria/Lindblum Summit
NaznaAt rest area, at the summit
MogrichOutside the Knight's castle
Gargan Roo
MochosAt tower base
MonevIn the trunk
MopliAt the settlement's Inn, at top.
Rose of May Airship
SerinoAboard airship
Pinnacle Rocks
MontyNear entrance (relocated from Evil Forest)
Fossil Roo
MoisOutside entrance (relocated from Ice Cavern in Disc 4)
MogkiNear first treasure hunter (relocated from Lindblum)
KuppoNear the excavator, hidden behind a wall
Condi Petie
MogmattIn the item shop
SuzunaIn the mountain pass
Black Mage Village
MogryoOutside the chocobo hut
Iifa Tree
MocchiLocated outside the tree
South Gate, Treno Arch
MoscoIn hollowed-out tree (relocated from Evil Forest)
MimozaOutside Oeilvert
MooelIn planet projection room
Desert Palace
MojitoIn the torture chamber
MogsamNear the Library
Esto Gaza
MogrikaOutside the temple
MoolanInside the Gulug Volcano
MogtakaAlso located in Gulug
KumoolIn the arena
Bran Bal
MoorockHe's just there... (relocates to Pandemonium)
MoorockNear the base
MozmeNear the peak
NoggyIn the right hall

Mognet Central

In disc 4, you'll get an opportunity to revive Mognet Central. To revive it, talk to Kupo in Alexandria, and deliver a sequence of letters to the following moogles: Atla, Mogryo, Kumool, Mois, Noggy, Kupo. Then go to Ruby in the Alexandria theatre to retrieve Superslick.

During my trip, I wanna find Superslick and make my fur baby soft... Just Kidding.
-- Item description for Superslick