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Esperanca do Amor (Hope of Love)

Final Fantasy Pray

This melody is based on a tune from Final Fantasy V.

Composer:Nobuo Uematsu, Ririko Yamabuki
Arrangement:Yoshiro Nakamura
Vocals:Risa Ohki
Lyrics:Claudio Ramos

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Portuguese Lyrics

A noite da lua cheia
Na estrada que vai dar no mar
Eu e você, meu amor
E as sombras de nós dois

Só existe o silência neste momento
Nem uma palavra precisa de contar
Sorriso de você e sorriso meu
Podem contar tudo que existe agora

Nos braços da paz desta noite
Surgiu uma linda canção
Que canta da beleza
Que canta da esperança
Que canta da eternidade do amor
Do amor mais lindo de nós

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English Lyrics

At night the full moon
Is on the road that leads to the sea
You, my love, and I
And the shadows of we two

There's a silence in this moment--
Not even one word is needed
Your smile and mine--
They can talk about everything at this instant

Our arms in peace draw from the night
Eliciting a beautiful song
That sings of beauty
That sings of hope
That sings of everlasting love
Our most beautiful love

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