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Mon P'tit Chat (My Little Cat)

Final Fantasy Pray

This melody is based on a tune from Final Fantasy V.

Composer:Nobuo Uematsu
Arrangement:Toshiro Mitsutomi
Vocals:Risa Ohki

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French Lyrics

Un petit garçon, bien sage
Aurait bien voulu savoir
Comme touts enfants de son âge
Comment recontrer la fée

Celle des livres d'images
Qui punit tous les méchants
Ou bien la fée des voyages
Qui protége les pauvres gens

Pourvu qu'il rencontre une fée
Il lui dirait:
"Madame, pouvez-vous m'aider
A retrouver et ramener mon p'tit chat?"

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English Lyrics

A good little boy
Would have really wanted to know
As would all children his age
How to meet a fairy

The one from picture books
Who punishes all the evildoers
Or the fairy of travels
Who protects the pitiful

If he were to meet a fair
He'd ask her:
"Ma'am, could you help me
Find and bring back my little cat?"

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