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Potion - Relaxin' with Final Fantasy

Nobuo Uematsu

Compilation of many soothing arrangements from six generations of Final Fantasies.

Composer:Nobuo Uematsu
Producer:Nobuo Uematsu
Product Code:SSCX-10051
Release Date:March 2001

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Soundtrack Listing

  1. Tina (FF6: Piano Collections)
  2. Kids Run Through The City (FF6: Piano Collections)
  3. Mizu no Miko Eria (FF3: Yuukyuu no Kaze Densetsu)
  4. Melody of Lute (FF4: Celtic Moon)
  5. Eyes on Me (FF8: Piano Collections)
  6. Tenderness in the Air (FF5: Piano Collections)
  7. Fragments of Memories (FF8: Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec)
  8. Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV (FF4: Piano Collections)
  9. Balamb GARDEN - Ami (FF8: Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec)
  10. Lenna's Theme (FF5: Dear Friends)
  11. The Successor (FF8: Piano Collections)
  12. Music Box (FF5: Dear Friends)
  13. Theme of Love (FF4: Piano Collections)
  14. Theme of Aerith (FF7: Reunion Tracks)
  15. Welcome to Our Town (FF4: Piano Collections)
  16. Troian Beauty (FF4: Celtic Moon)
  17. Shin-ai Naru Tomo e (Bonus Track)

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Soundtrack Cover

[Soundtrack cover]

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