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Xenogears - Character Timeline

Follows is the timeline for the characters in Xenogears. Information here is heavily based on the contents of the Xenogears: Perfect Works book released by Square.

Year 9465

Krelian is born and his mother Eliza dies from it. He is raised in Nimrod, part of the Raodeikia empire.

Year 9488

Krelian trains in an institute under Penueru. He saves Sophia who is 13 years old from dying.

Year 9493

Krelian meets Lacan.

Year 9495

Sophia goes to Nisan and Krelian becomes the leader of their army. The next year, the war between Solaris and the land dwellers begins.

Year 9500

Sophia dies. The next year, thanks to Grahf, the Days of Destruction begin.

Year 9506

Krelian meets Cain. He resurrects the Gazel Ministry in the SOL-9000.

Year 9959

Krelian orders the M Project pushed ahead by 5 generations. He meets Miang 0996.

Year 9965

Jessie is born in Solaris. His parents are Abraham and Maria Black.

Year 9969

Rico is born. His parents are Kaiser Sigmund and Anna.

Year 9970

Hyuga is born in 3rd level Solaris. His parents are Siyusa and Lori Ricdeau.

Sigurd is born. His parents are Edbart IV and Shalimar.

Year 9975

Krelian creates Emperor Kain clone "0808191 Ramses". It takes approx.10 years to develop into a human.

Year 9976

Hyuga's grandfather, Kituka, teaches him sword techniques. Hyuga practices and learns 2 strategies, a white and black one.

Year 9978

Jessie enters the Jugend school.

Year 9979

Rico's mother Anna dies.

Sigurd's younger cousin Jurdogard is born.

Year 9981

Fei is born. His father is Khan Wong and his mother is Karen Wong.

Elly is born in upper level Solaris. Her father is Erich Van Houten and her mother is Medena Van Houten.

Bart is born. His father is King Edbart IV of Aveh, and his mother is Queen Mariel.

Sigurd's mother Shalimar dies. King Edbart, who looks nothing like Sigurd attends the burial ceremony. Him and the prince are attacked, and Sigurd rescues them. Sigurd gets a job working in Aveh.

Year 9982

An epidemic that starts in the Soylent System spreads through the 3rd level of Solaris. All of Hyuga's family members die. Hyuga displays extreme talent, but is given poisonous experiments.

Year 9983

Billy is born. His father is Jessie Black and his mother is Raquel Black.

Rico joins a crime group and commits many youth offenses. The anti-government group becomes well known in the city of Nortune.

Margie is born in Nisan. Her mother is Elvira Fatima and her father is Harris.

Sigurd is brought to Solaris and is experimented on. The Solaris populace supports this.

Racquel is pregnant. Later that year, Billy is born.

Year 9985

Karen, who's now Miang realizes Fei's a contact. Fei's spirit is experimented on. 10 months later, Grahf attacks Khan. Fei goes crazy and ends up killing Karen. Grahf leaves with Fei accompanying him.

Karen (Miang 0997) tells Krelian her son's a contact. Ramsus is trashed.

Karen has Ramsus trashed. Ramsus lives in an abandoned area of the second class citizen area, and murders Karen. He acquires the Batukaa ID. He enters the Jugend, where he meets Miang 0998, Sigurd and Hyuga.

Year 9986

Sigurd moves into Billy's house and befriends him.

Maria is born in the Terane area of the planet. Her father is Nicolai and her mother is Claudia. Later that year, Nicolai is captured, sent to Solaris.

Sigurd's cruel experiments end. Ramsus meets him and gets him enrolled in the Jugend. Sigurd moves into Jessie's house.

Ramsus founds the elements with Sigurd and Hyuga.

Year 9987

There is a coup de ta in Aveh. Bart and Margie escape on the Yggdrasil thanks to Sigurd and Maison.

After an attack on the Kaiser, Rico is placed in D Block.

Maria and Claudia are captured, sent to Solaris.

Sigurd leaves Solaris and helps Bart and Margie escape from Bledavik.

There is a coup de ta in Aveh and Margie's parents die. Margie receives help from Sigurd and Maison in escaping from Aveh.

Sigurd leaves Solaris, upsetting Ramsus.

Year 9989

Although really king of Aveh, Bart must hide in the Sand Cruiser Yggdrasil. They become pirates and start plundering ships. Bart begins his training.

Margie hides in Yggdrasil.

Year 9990

Hyuga becomes a Guardian Angel.

The Black family leaves Solaris and settles in Aquvy.

Claudia dies. Balthasar rescues Maria from Solaris and captures Seibzehn. Maria stays protected in Shevat.

Jessie is given command of Gebler, but leaves Solaris. He settles in a quiet area, an island where the Orphanage stands today.

Year 9991

Rico wins his first battling tournament.

Krelian orders 3 Shevat invasion attack strategies.

Year 9992

Primera is born.

The 3rd level of Shevat is attacked by Solaris. While there, Hyuga is injured by Gaspar's granddaughter, Yui. She feels sorry for him and takes care of him, they fall in love.

Gaspar and Jessie meet in the 3rd level of Shevat and plan Shevat's strategy. Jessie participates with Shevat's ground troops. Gebler starts posting bases on the surface. Jessie gets a Buntline Gear.

Year 9993

Solaris uses Id to invade Elru. He goes crazy, wiping it out. He is given the nickname "Demon of Elru".

Jessie dissappears from his home.

Elru is attacked by Solaris. Id is used in the attack force. An orphan named Dominia is the only survivor. Ramsus brings her to Solaris and gets her enrolled in the Jugend school.

Margie returns to Nisan and becomes Great Mother of Nisan.

Year 9994

Elly enters Jugend.

Hyuga lives in the 3rd level of Shevat with Yui, a master at swordsplay and marries her. Her grandfather Gaspar teaches him. They have a daughter, Midori.

Jessie works with Joshua Blanche in Shevat. After his death, Jessie has his face surgically changed to look like him.

Year 9995

Bart's Gear "Brigandier" is completed.

Year 9996

Khan and Grahf battle again with Id nearby. Heavily injured, Fei is brought to Lahan.

The Emperor secretly orders Hyuga to go to the surface. He changes his name to Citan Uzuki. After stopping at Shevat to get his family, they migrate to Lahan.

Balthasar leaves Solaris and goes to the surface.

Year 9997

An accident with the Yggdrasil engine causes Bart to lose an eye and now wear an eye patch.

Jessie returns to his home.

An accident with the Yggdrasil engine causes Sigurd to lose an eye and now wear an eye patch.

Jessie comes back to the surface and stays in what becomes the Orphanage.

Year 9998

Elly's incident in the Jugend when she goes crazy occurs. Erich resigns as the head of the Soylent System.

Billy becomes an Etone and opens the Orphanage.

Year 9999

Fei lives in Chief Lee's House.

Elly's graduated from Jugend and is now a Gebler officer sent to Ignas. She steals a special type Gear (Weltall) from Kislev.

Citan lives on the mountain and is a doctor.

Along with Sigurd, Bart uses the Yggdrasil and lives as a pirate.

Rico serves as the D Block Battling King.

Billy lives at the Orphanage while continuing to be an etone.

Maria lives in Shevat and uses Seibzehn to protect it.

Ramsus is the Gebler Commander stationed in Aveh.

Zeboim writings have led to an excavation project to produce lost technology.

Sigurd lives on the Yggdrasil with Bart and is a pirate.

Margie sneaks into Bledavik and is captured.

Jessie continues to contact Shevat while living on the surface.