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Xenogears: Perfect Works - Drama Section

Below is a translation of the Drama section of Xenogears: Perfect Works, which begins on Page 196.

Lahan Village Blackmoon Forest Desert Transport Ship Stalactite Cave Yggdrasil Aveh Battle Area Yggdrasil Nisan Mountain Cave Desert Kislev Goliath Factory Thames Church Orphanage Underground Church Area Church Excavation Site Babel Tower Shevat Nisan Ignas Gate Fatima Castle Babel Gate Sargasso Shevat Solaris(Starting Area) Solaris(Middle Area) Solaris(Final Area) Shevat Taura's Research Place Ignas Anima Dungeon 1 Anima Dungeon 2 Emperor's Area Yggdrasil Mahanon/Shevat Land of Golgoda Merkava Shevat Beshirem Beshirem Land's Origin Secret Warship Excalibur Snow Hideout Lighthouse Deus
Suddenly, Kislev Gear troops invade Lahan Village and envelop the town in flames.
During the night Bart's Lair is attacked by Gebler Special troops, causing a battle.
Shitan keeps Solaris's secret, the Yggdrasil's capabilities decrease.
There is a series of murders in the sewers, supposedly caused by Redrum.
3: They meet Redrum's son at the Orphanage.
Ramsus and Miang are encountered at Babel Tower.
The <Gate> Generator is invaded by a group of Solaris Gears which are fought.
Aveh, controlled by Shakhan, invades Nisan.
Despite using the Gate's energy, Shakhan falls to his death when the Gate is destroyed.
Ft. Jasper shoots a beam at Babel Tower's mirror, destroying the Babel Gate.
Krelian sends Emeralda to the Gate, but it is destroyed.
Successful in destroying the 3 Gates, Solaris now appears.
In Arabato Grounds, they see a warship ceremony and hear a speech from Emperor Cain.
Weltall-Id causes mass destruction, Solaris crashes.
Fearful of Fei's strength, a conference decides to freeze Fei in carbonite.
Thanks to Taura's technology, Elly and Fei are revived from their death situation.
Aveh, Kislev and Nisan go to Shevat and sign a treaty unifying Ignas.
After taking the omnigear, the Elements arrive in opposition and attack.
Krelian sends a merged Hammer to stop you, he falls to his death.
The Emperor's life is extinguished by Ramsus, he is assassinated.
People mutate after the Emperor dies, the sleeping god in Mahanon rises and floats in the air.
Elly is found attached across a massive cross.
Ramsus's reason for extremely opposing Fei is made clear.
Fei is found in some sort of death state for unknown reasons, so he is frozen in carbonite.
It's support is disturbed, enabling Fei's past memories to become clear.
Fei's father changes into Grahf, Fei faces him in Xenogears.
In order to destroy Zohar, they attack Merkava.
Deus begins terraforming the planet and transforms his body system as well.
Memories from 4000 years ago, of Zeboim, are shown.
Deus changes into its final form and terraforms the planet. The final battle nears.
Fei attempts to defend Lahan in Weltall but with his strength ends up destroying it.
1: Inside the Blackmoon Forest, Fei meets Elly.
A familiar man, Grahf arrives with a trial for Fei (Wyrm fight).
They meet one of the 3 Sages, Balthasar and listen to his advise.
Fei searches himself, Bart tries to cooperate with his feelings.
Fei participates in a big tournament while Bart confronts Ramsus in the castle.
Sophia's picture causes Fei to see a memory of a previous incarnation, Lacan.
Using Drive causes Elly to change into a maniac and attack Fei.
Dora kills Fei's fellow troops in a tragedy. Fei becomes Id.
Fei tries to prevent a warship from attacking the Imperial Capital and killing people.
The theft of the Goliath is successful, but a Bart missile shoots it down.
Ramsus wounds Fei in a fight, so he is brought to the Church's medical ward.
Fei changes to Id and tries to get Emeralda, Wiseman shows up to oppose him.
Fei climbs the outside of the tower. Ramsus and Miang arrive to fight him.
When Fei sees Krelian, he has one of Lacan's memories.
Shitan now informs him of his lies and duties.
Id changes back to Fei when Elly risks her life to challenge him.
9: Fei, who is being held in Carbonite, escapes...
Fei, who is being supervised by being binded in Carbonite, escapes.
Solaris sends a weapon to Ignas, Weltall heads there to stop it.
10: In Mahanon they fight Deus and kill it, but Grahf defeats them.
11: Wiseman insults Fei for losing Elly, he heads to Merkava.
Wiseman insults Fei for loosing Elly, he heads to Merkava.
12: Miang reawakens in Elly, and Fei is shot.
Dan and Midori go before Id, who wakes up and breaks out.
D: Id's authority vanishes, and Fei returns. His father Khan appears.
13: Fei meets the Wave Existence, makes contact, and learns of his role.
Fei visits the location of the origin of man and speaks about his regained memories.
Dan and Fei meet again, Dan forgives Dan for blaming him for Lahan's destruction.
15: Fei sees some memories from previous incarnations: Abel, Kim & Lacan.
Following Zohar's destruction, Elly rebels, Fei goes inside Deus to save her.
Shitan helps save Elly by arriving with a Gear, he informs her of things.
Elly is surprised to meet Fei again. She helps him escape with a Gear.
Dominia seriously injures Elly when they fight, Miang hypnotizes her later.
Elly is imprisoned in Krelian's private lab, he performs nanomachine experiments on her.
C: Elly is defended by Erich and Medena, who sacrifice their lives.
After getting out of the nanoreactor, Elly gets dressed and goes to the Mass Driver.
Krelian looks at a picture of the nanomachines that change in Elly.
Trusting in Krelian's word, Elly leaves Shevat and goes to Golgoda.
Elly defeats Rattan and Mugwort, but is taken captive by Krelian.
Elly and Krelian are absorbed into Deus, Fei goes off to find his past.
Shitan tries to help the villagers who survive. He tells Fei to leave the village.
Shitan once again meets his friend Sigurd from Solaris.
2: Margie is saved, some of Shitan's secrets arise soon after.
Shitan's past connections to Ramsus become clear.
Before the Yggdrasil sinks from the attack, Shitan escapes in an escape pod.
Shitan pilots the Goliath, but it crashes thanks to the Yggdrasil.
Before heading to Solaris, Shitan says goodbye to Midori and Yui.
8: Fei is restricted, Krelian obtains something which helps his plans.
Queen Zephyr tells him about 500 years ago, when Shevat made a mistake.
After making contact with Zohar, a stronger Id is fought.
14: Shitan tries to convince Ramsus that his existence is significant.
Bart tries to take Weltall from Fei, who opposes it. The ground splinters and they fall into a cave.
Because of Fei's abilities, he is asked to join them in rescuing Margie.
Bart and Fei together beat Ramsus and are successful in saving Margie.
Fei changes into Id and attacks the Yggdrasil, which sinks into the sand.
Bart has the Yggdrasil shoot the Goliath down with Bart Missiles, causing it to crash.
5: He gets the omnigear El Andvari and fights with it..
Grahf gives a large amount of energy to Shakhan who soon falls to his death after a fight.
After restoring peace to Aveh, Bart discovers Sigurd is his elder bro from a different mother.
Shitan has his spiritual <limiter> removed through an operation.
The Yggdrasil 4 attacks the Solaris Mobile Weapon, Ft. Hurricane and destroys it.
Bart's ship smashes into Merkava and attacks, causing it to crash.
Bart meets Hans again, who was on the ship Thames.
Found by Margie in her room, Chu Chu proclaims her love for Fei.
She grows to a huge size and fights Achzehn. She defeats it.
When he goes into Sigmund's room, Rico starts to regain some of his memory.
Bart causes the Goliath to crash, Rico gets angry and assaults him.
Rico aligns with an anima relic, making Stier an omnigear.
Primera is rescued, so Billy introduces Fei to the Church's Medical Section.
Billy discovers the truth about the Church through the Databanks.
A: Billy tells everyone about his mother's death and Stone bringing him up.
Billy aligns with an Anima Relic, making Renmazou an omnigear.
B: Nicolai, inside the Seibzehn, destroys Achtzehn with the Graviton Cannon..
Using its powerful cannon, Seibzehn breaks through the gate to Solaris.
Seibzehn emerges from the middle of the sky, carrying everyone to the Yggdrasil.
Emeralda is preserved inside a nanoreactor, she accompanies Stone out of there.
7: After Fei defeats her she regains her memory after a 4000 year sleep.
When 4000 years pass, Emerlda's body becomes adult.