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Xenogears - Lineage

The lineage of Abel, Elhaym and Miang is documented below. Remember that Elhaym represents the Mother and Zohar's interests, whereas Miang represents the Guardian and Deus's interests. This information is based on the Character Bios for Miang (page 166) and Grahf (pages 160-161), in Xenogears: Perfect Works.

Year 0 Abel Elhaym Miang 000
Year 6000 Kim Elhaym Miang 661
Year 9500 Lacan Elhaym (Sophia) Miang 970
Year 9501 (becomes Grahf) Grahf
(becomes Lacan spirit) (splits)
(becomes Grahf spirit)
Year 9960 Miang 996 Khan
Year 9982 Fei Elhaym (Elly)
Year 9985 Miang 997 (Karen)
Year 9985 Miang 998 Khan (Grahf)
Year 9999 Wiseman (Grahf)
Year 10000 (Merge with Miang) Miang 999 (Elly)