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Various Rendered Images

Raytraced Images

These are output from my raytracer project which I wrote for a graphics course back in 2000. The next incarnation of the raytracer will have hierarchical bounding, so I'll put together some more complicated images for that program. Click the thumbnail for larger images:

[reflect] [theroom]
[balls] [soft]
[soft] [soft]

I never found the time to put together any particularly complex images for the raytracer, although at some point I intend to build a chess scene (hence the chessboard in one of the images). The raytracer is reasonably fast, so it should be able to handle a scene with a few nice chess pieces in it... I want to eventually do something about the aliasing, as well. In the meantime I'm working on implementing a hierarchical radiosity system, so there will probably be some images from that when I finish it.

Radiosity Images

These images are samples generated by a progressive refinement heirarchical radiosity system. Click the thumbnail for the full-size image.

[cornell] [caltech]