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Cluster Logos

[Omniscient Technologies Logo] [Omni Small Logo]
Win95 startup screen, and the precursor ``company logo''. Early 1997.

[Chaos2 Planets Logo]
Rendered on a Mac. This has been around since late 1997 I believe. The nifty planets are somewhat as they appear in the omniscient logo.

[Small Chaos2 Linking Icon]
[Chaos2 Tundra Logo]
Small icon, and tundra logo which dates back to Spring of 1998. Prepared using Gimp, the ``tundra'' is actually the ``flatland'' plugin. It just happened to look pretty neat as a three-D landscape...

[Flame Technologies Logo] [TunnelBASE Logo]
Assorted projects in 1998. The ``Flame Technologies'' was actually rendered HTML. A screenshot appears here. TunnelBASE is still online, but restricted access.

[Sillyputty Logo]
The logo for the short-lived ``Sillyputty'' machine.

[Chaos2 Keyed Logo]
Logo for quite awhile for the chaos2 cluster, 1999. If you look closely you can see the embedded key.

[Chaos2 Plasma Logo]
Current version of the Chaos2 logo, dated in early 2000.

[Velius.net Logo]
Logo that launched velius.net, July 2000.

[Chaos2 Ice Logo]
Logo I've been playing around with for chaos2, July 2000.

[Chaos2 Bolt Logo]

[Chaos2 Stone Logo]
Elemental logos that were the main logos for several months, January 2001.

[Chaos2 Assembly Logo]
Current incarnation of the logo; the assembly is output from the FC compiler.