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CGI Targeted Development Page

Here you can obtain the latest release of the CGI Targeted script. The documentation is currently rather sparse on the project, I'm afraid. However, for a demonstration of the program, go here (ultros) and select one of the directory links on the left panel. That will take you into the Targeted system.

If you actually get this software setup on another site, drop me an e-mail; I'd love to know if this software is getting used, and if I should put some effort into making it more general and user friendly. Better yet, if you have suggestions for new features, or better yet patches, send them in!

Please read the README before installing; this is not yet user-friendly to install, but I would be happy to help you install it, just send me e-mail. The more people I hear from, the more likely I am to build a better install system :) But you should be aware of the security assumptions before installing this CGI.


This program requires the following libraries to run.