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0.9.3 Spheres theme:

[Spheres theme]
2 AI's play.

0.4.0 3dRokz theme:

[3dRokz theme]
2 AI's play.

0.2.8 preview:

Bob and Alpha play

Code: Copyright(c) 1999-2003 Justin Smith
Images: Copyright(c) 1999 Owen Aftreth
Original GTK Code: Copyright(c) 1999 Havoc Pennington
Licensing: GNU General Public License
Requires: GTK 1.2
Optional: GNOME, libmikmod

Xpuyopuyo is a UNIX port of a very big time sink :) . Puyo puyo is a puzzle game, somewhat like Tetris (but much more involved in strategy), where you strive to match up four "blobs" of the same color. Each match you make gives points, and also dumps gray rocks on the opponent which are irritating and troublesome to get rid of. Multiple matches at a time score more points, and dump more rocks on the opponent (a quintuple-match will dump around 20 rocks on the opponent, all at once).

We ported it overnight to Linux, so we could play whenever we felt like. The AI's evolved more slowly, over the course of a week or so. I welcome suggestions on how to make the AI's more difficult during the game; currently, they are rather easy to beat on easy level, but more difficult on hard. There are still gaping holes in the game interface which should be fixed soon. Suggestions for improvements are welcome. This version is modelled on several other versions we have seen around; the original (which I have not had the opportunity to play) is made by Compile, http://www.compile.co.jp./.

I release this in the hopes that someone else may enjoy it. If it causes someone out their to flame/flunk out of college, then apologies but it's the game's fault, not mine :) . Additional information, documentation is available in the distribution.

Recent news:

If you'd like to contribute sound samples and/or game music, please get in touch with me. It'd be cool to make soundtracks themeable :)

If you develop a theme for xpuyopuyo, please send it in! I can add them to the main distribution, and/or setup a page to browse/download themes at.


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