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Chrono Cross - The Masamune

The quest to free the Masamune of the curse and acquire the Mastermune involves four steps, and can be done at the same time as the six dragon quests. It is easier to do if you have fought the black dragon and stolen the black plate from him.

  1. Take Riddel to Home Forbidden Island. Forbidden island is on the northeast corner of the main island, and has smoke coming up from it. You can reach it by boat. On this island, talk to the man, Dario.
  2. Go to Another Viper Manor, to the chamber in the east tower. Push the four statues into the square holes on the ground. Open the chest that appears from behind to get the note left by Solt and Peppor.
  3. Take Karsh to Another Isle of the Damned, and go to the last screen where you fought Garai before. A sequence will occur here where you find out part of what happened with Karsh and Dario. After that, fight Solt and Peppor and you will receive the MementoPendant and Karsh's level 7 technique.
  4. Take Riddel back to Home Forbidden island, where you will find out the rest of what happened when Karsh and Dario went to Isle of the Damned. After that, you must fight Dario. Dario has very strong black skills, which can instantly kill Riddel -- if you stole the black plate from the black dragon, put it on Riddel before this fight!

    Dario will counter any elemental attack with an elemental of opposite colour. White and black attacks are countered with very strong elemental attacks, other elemental attacks are countered with status elements. I do not recommend using white or black attack elements unless the character using them has equipped the plate of opposite colour. This one's hard, good luck!

    If you survive the battle, you will receive Riddel's level 7 technique, as well as the Mastermune. Dario will go to Home Viper Manor where you can find him repairing the manor toward the end of the game.