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Final Fantasy Soundtracks

Soundtracks in red are soundtracks I have not yet acquired, but intend to order soon. Some soundtracks are linked; you may view additional information about these soundtracks. All of these soundtracks are, of course, the imported CD's from Japan.

As a habit, I tend to order soundtracks exclusively through AnimeNation. They have a good response time even for CDs which are not in stock, and they do not sell pirated versions of the soundtracks (unlike several other online merchants). If ordering from another retailer, be sure to check the product number and distributor -- recent releases tend to come from DigiCube and have product codes beginning SSCX-?????.

Please show your support for Square in producing these excellent soundtracks, by purchasing the soundtracks instead of downloading copies (e.g. in mp3 form).

Final Fantasy IV (FF4)

Final Fantasy V (FF5)

Final Fantasy VI (FF6)

Final Fantasy VII (FF7)

Final Fantasy VIII (FF8)

Final Fantasy IX (FF9)

Final Fantasy X (FF10)

Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT)

Final Fantasy: Spirits Within



Chrono Trigger

Chrono Cross

Remixes and Miscellaneous

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