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Chrono Cross - Finding Skelly

The following is the list of locations where you can find Skelly's bones. When you find the skull, take it to Another Termina, to the house at the top-right of the first screen. Skelly will remember who he is when you talk to the grandmother. Once you have found all of his parts, return to Another Termina and talk to the grandmother again.

Bone(s) Location Details
Skull Another Fossil Valley In the big skull at the excavation site
Pelvic Bone Another Guldove Talk to the trader on the docks
Angry Scapula Another Shadow Forest Under notebook in the cave behind the waterfall
Good Backbone Another Hydra Marshes In a small cave on the eastern side of the marsh
Sturdy Ribs Another Water Dragon Isle Talk to the man near the dried-up waterfall
Mixed Bones Another Isle of the Damned Cave in the top-left on the first screen