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Chocograph Locations

Chocograph Map

[Map of Chocograph Locations]

Chocograph Treasures and Key

1 Streamside Forest elixir x2, highpotion x3, ether x4, germinus boots x2
2 Between Mountains Forest potion x5, hi-potion x5, tent x2, cotton robe x2
3 Uncultivated land Forest antidote x10, jade bracelet x1, wingedge x3, Cargoship's card x1
4 Healing Shore Forest chocobo's ability (shallow; light blue)
5 Abandoned Beach Forest phoenix pinion x9, phoenix down x5, peridot x5, diamond glove x1
6 Cold Field Forest echo screen x5, hi-potion x7, tent x3, Prima Vista's card
7 Forgotten Lagoon Lagoon gysahl greens x8, ether x5, hi-potion x7, dragon claw x1
8 Faraway Lagoon Forest potion x37, talisman x6, shield armor x1, gaia gear x1
9 Abandoned Lagoon Lagoon soft x6, ether x4, feather boots x1, n-kai armlet x1
10 Birds-Eye Lagoon Forest potion x8, phoenix's down x4, ether x3, wizard's robe x1
11 Small Beach Forest panacea x4, elizir x2, rising sun x8, oak staff x1
12 Dawn Lagoon Lagoon Chocobo ability; (Mountain; red)
13 Forbidden Forest Forest* ether x7, elixir x2, wing edge x10, high mage staff x1
14 Green Plains Forest* Chocobo ability (Sea; blue)
15 Dusk Plains Lagoon phoenix's down x12, ore x14, kaiser knuckles x1, Iron Man card x1
16 Forgotten Plains Forest* ore x17, ether x5, opal x14, demon's mail x1
17 Sea At Dusk Lagoon* phoenix's pinion x15, white robe x1, diamond x1, Masamune's card x1
18 Ocean Lagoon* ore x27, light robe x1, whale whisker x1, Alexander's card x1
19 Cold Lagoon Forest* peridot x11, opal x9, sapphire x15, topaz x19
20 Mist Ocean Lagoon** Chocobo ability (sky; golden)
21 Outer Island Aerial Garden amethyst x21, garnet x16, genji armor x1, ragnarok x1
22 Outer Island 2 Lagoon* sapphire x11, circlet x1, pumice piece x1, Hilda Garde 3 card x1
23 Fairy Island Aerial Garden potion x33, annoyntment x15, holy miter x1, Dark Matter card x1
24 Forgotten Island Aerial Garden ribbon x1, rebirth ring x1, amethyst x13, Ark's card x1

Forest* chocographs can only be acquired once you have obtained the mountain chocobo (red). Lagoon* chocographs can only be acquired once you have obtained the ocean chocobo (dark blue). The Lagoon** chocograph cannot be acquired until you have an airship.

Chocograph Pieces

The chocograph pieces hint at the possible locations of the Aerial Garden on the world map. The writings on the chocograph pieces are all attributed to Cid I.

Miscellaneous Info

The Chocograph Fragments spell out the possible locations of the Chocobo Air Garden. Search each of the sites indicated by the fragments for a small circular shadow on the ground. Once you've found it, position your chocobo above the spot, while flying, and feed the chocobo a dead pepper. This will allow you to enter Chocobo Air Garden.

At a certain point in the game, the full-screen world map will helpfully indicate the current position of the Air Garden in the world map; it moves periodically, every 15 minutes or so.

One final note: Chocobo Air Garden is where you go if you want to fight Ozma.

Chocobo's Paradise

Chocobo's Paradise is an unmarked island near one corner of the map. The chocobos in paradise provide hints on where the various cracks and bubbles are in the world map.