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Final Fantasy Quotes - Chrono_Cross

Follows is my current collection of quotes from Final Fantasy and other Square games. (update: now that this list includes Suikoden and Xenosaga, I suppose it's not even limited to Square games. Ah well.) This file is updated automatically. Please feel free to suggest new quotes for me to add; my e-mail address is at the bottom of this page. The engine that generates this output is also responsible for my e-mail signatures and the signatures at the bottom of most pages on this site :)

Insanity leads to chaos
Then to solitude
The fruitless effort of adding
Meaning to what is meaningless
A lone, crimson tear
Falls to the sea...
The echo of the remaining star
Cries out in the infinite vacuum
The least I can do
Is send my distant prayers
Over the wind of time,
Setting sale on dreams...

Arni Villager, Chrono Cross

Lah lala lalah!
I don't need a recipe book
Because I'm the happy cook
Who feeds the people gook!

Cook (on Zelbess), Chrono Cross

I wish I were a cat. Then I wouldn't have to work.

Demi-human on Zelbess, Chrono Cross

Who gives a meow about this guy's policy, meow...
We can go anywhere we want, meow...

Random cat on S.S. Zelbess, Chrono Cross

This ship belongs to me, myself, and I, meow.

Random cat on S.S. Zelbess, Chrono Cross

Don't shy away from darkness. You must face it. Mwa hahahah hah...

Dark Uchimichi (developer's ending), Chrono Cross

Pure darkness... Oh, how beautiful. Mwa hahahah hah...

Dark Uchimichi (developer's ending), Chrono Cross

There are many people in various places. You act differently towards
many. You're always searching for yourself. What kind of ``you'' do
you like? And what kind of ``you'' do you want to be? I hope you find
the right ``you.'' Good luck to you.
This is according to specification!

Kazuhiro Hasegawa (developer's ending), Chrono Cross

It's important to push when you can't pull.

Yoichiro Hori (developer's ending), Chrono Cross

Man, am I burned out... My memories of the summer of 1999... I was at the
beach... in my dreams... It was a nice, amusing dream, except... for the
sea of blood... Heh heh...

Sentaro Hotta (developer ending), Chrono Cross

And lastly, here's some advice to all my friends, young and old!
Don't cast any magic with your nose pressed against the TV screen!

Sentaro Hotta (developer's ending), Chrono Cross

Another exciting nightmare is about to end...
What kind of love and dream await you around the next corner?
Have faith in tomorrow and live it your way...

Masato Kato (developer's ending), Chrono Cross

I handled the battle animation, sometimes... I worked really hard,
sometimes... I slept, sometimes... I was frustrated, sometimes...

Yoshiyuki Oku (developer's ending), Chrono Cross

Many people come and go. Which brings me to the following: ``As long
as time and space is in accord with me, then everything is fine.''

Takashi Wakou (developer's ending), Chrono Cross

We're finally done. Aaaah, I can sleep in peace. Hey, you should
get some rest, too, you know that? Good night..... and RESET...
[screen goes blank; game intro sequence starts up]

Kiyoshi Yoshii (developer's ending), Chrono Cross

Wilt thou change this world... Or wilt thou change thyself? Wilt thou live
on with thy mother planet... Or wilt thou turn thy back on the planet and
treat another path?

Water Dragon, Chrono Cross

For all the dreamers: Our planet's dream is not over yet...

Chrono Cross

No beginning and no end...
> To the darkness of time!
> No way! Not yet!

When using Time Egg, Chrono Cross

Be very careful when you stare into the flame...
For the flame will also stare back at you...

Ancient Legend, Chrono Cross

Fate has no forgiveness for those who dare stand against it.

Game Over, Chrono Cross

What was the start of all this?
When did the cogs of fate begin to turn?
Perhaps it is impossible to grasp that answer now,
From deep within the flow of time...
But, for a certainty, back then,
We loved so many, yet hated so much,
We hurt others and were hurt ourselves...
Yet even then we ran like the wind
Whilst our laughter echoed,
Under cerulean skies...

Chrono Cross

Show your face Lynx! Yer 9 lives are up!!!

Kid, Chrono Cross

If the world's gonna be destroyed, then let it be destroyed! If
history is gonna be changed, then let it bloody well be changed!

Kid, Chrono Cross

There are two sides to every coin. Love and
hate. Life and death. They are all the same.

Lynx, Chrono Cross

Love is deeper and darker than the black seas of hell.

Lynx, Chrono Cross

There's nothing in the world as ruthless or impartial as death.

Miguel, Chrono Cross

A place and time that belongs to no one... Res Nullius...

Miguel, Chrono Cross

A.D. 1000 / Nadia's Bell
May our prayers for peace ring on for eternity...
But Nadia's Bell will never be heard again... Never...

Chrono Cross

Draggy joined yourrr parrrty!

Game Dialog, Chrono Cross

Korcha joinedCHA party!

Game Dialog, Chrono Cross

Luccia assimilated into your party.

Game Dialog, Chrono Cross

Marcy, like, joined your party!

Game Dialog, Chrono Cross

Skelly became the life of your party!

Game Dialog, Chrono Cross

Starky jooined yoour party!

Game Dialog, Chrono Cross

What do you mean, a centipede monster stole your element? What, he snuck
up behind you and picked all your pockets with his hundreds of legs or

Peppor, to Solt, Chrono Cross

We'll teach you a lesson about General Viper's spice, I mean, spite!
Shake it and say your prayers! ...Not that it'll do you any good!

Peppor (in an ending), Chrono Cross

A field trip we will go!
A field trip we will go!
Hi-ho the merry-o,
a field trip we will go!

Poshul in Another Arni Village, Chrono Cross

PO-SHU-SHU! Full thpeed ahead!

Poshul (Another Arni), Chrono Cross

For female use only! (Or for the closet crossdresser...?)

Description of Screwy Dress, Chrono Cross

...Are you seriously serious about being a hero?

Solt, to Pierre (in an ending), Chrono Cross

In order to survive, all living things in this world fight desperately and
devour those they defeat... Must one kill other living things in order to
survive? Must one destroy another world in order to allow one's own world
to continue? The wounded in turn wound and torment those weaker than they
themselves are... There are only the killers and the killed... The sinners
who are judged, and the victims that do the judging. What meaning is there
to such a world?

Time Devourer (Dragon Gods), Chrono Cross

I'm Richard. I'm 29. And I'm here to protest beauty pageant sexism!

Tragedienne, Chrono Cross

Wilt thou change this world...
Or wilt thou change thyself?

Water Dragon, Chrono Cross

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