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Final Fantasy Quotes - Chrono_Trigger

Follows is my current collection of quotes from Final Fantasy and other Square games. (update: now that this list includes Suikoden and Xenosaga, I suppose it's not even limited to Square games. Ah well.) This file is updated automatically. Please feel free to suggest new quotes for me to add; my e-mail address is at the bottom of this page. The engine that generates this output is also responsible for my e-mail signatures and the signatures at the bottom of most pages on this site :)

Ayla: Yummy frog! For Ayla eat?
Frog: P, perish the thought, lass! By the way whither the blue-haired one?
Ayla: Only find you there. Blue-hair one more tasty?

Ayla & Frog, Chrono Trigger

We... have no future...

Azala (of Lavos), Chrono Trigger

Soon, stones of fire will rain down. Flames shall scorch the land. The
burned out plains will slowly freeze, ushering in a long, cruel ice age.

Azala, Chrono Trigger

So... You are here at last. This is it then. The final showdown. Today there
will be a conclusion. Will it be the Reptites, or you silly apes who end up
ruling the world?

Azala, Chrono Trigger

Schala... I've missed you so... NO! You MUST NOT climb Death Peak! Wouldn't
make it very far, anyway! It has to be the right time...... and... THEY have
to show you the way! Say! Did you see my masterpieces? The Ocean Palace and
the Blackbird? I designed and built them both.

Belthasar, Chrono Trigger

The odds will be against you, but you are true heroes. Open now the last
door, and take what you find there. My last invention... My Wings of Time...

Belthasar, Chrono Trigger

Only by mastering time itself do you stand a chance against Lavos.

Belthasar, Chrono Trigger

All life begins with Nu and ends with Nu... This is the truth!
This is my belief. At least for now...

The Mystery of Life, Vol. 841 Ch. 26, Chrono Trigger

It all began ages ago, when man's ancestor picked up a shard of a strange
red rock... It's power, which was beyond human comprehension, cultivated
dreams... In turn, love and hate were born... Only time will see how it all

Book in Kajar, Chrono Trigger

This is no place for kids! Wait! Maybe you'd know! What's
this ``Eyes Cream'' stuff that Queen Leene wants so badly?

Cook, Chrono Trigger

You're a marshmallow, Glenn...

Cyrus, Chrono Trigger

We have lift-off, Houston!!

Dalton, Chrono Trigger

Am I butterfly dreaming I'm a man? Or a bowling ball dreaming I'm
a plate of sashimi? Never assume what you see and feel is real!

Doreen, Chrono Trigger

Isn't 32 megs great? The graphics become incredible.
It was painful at times, but it sure was fun!

Yasuhiko Kamata (Dream Ending), Chrono Trigger

If you thought this was tough, get a load of Final Fantasy 4.

Tetsuya Takahashi (Dream Ending), Chrono Trigger

Gee, you know they really kept us locked up for a
long time. My hair's THIS long as a result!

Shinichiro Okaniwa (as Magus)
(Dream Ending), Chrono Trigger

Boy, it used to be that I'd get thinner after each game. Now
I'm gaining weight instead. Ack! I must be getting old.

Hironobu Sakaguchi (Dream Ending), Chrono Trigger

One of these things is not like the others... A Stapler,
Mothra, and the Olympics. SO... which one is it?

Yuji Horii (Dream Ending), Chrono Trigger

Hey, they promised to name the game Hoshino Trigger!

Hoshino Masanori (Dream Ending), Chrono Trigger

3.... 2.... 1.... Restart!
[Screen goes blank]
Just joking!

Tetsuya Nomura (Dream Ending), Chrono Trigger

Congrats on finishing the game. Now get a life!!

Eiji Nakamura (Dream Ending), Chrono Trigger

Every night will have a day. Even forever has to come to an end.
...I think...

Kato (Dream Ending), Chrono Trigger

siht daer naht od ot retteb gnihton evah I
Now run outside and play, boys and girls!

Nobuo Uematsu (Dream Ending), Chrono Trigger

The future refused to change.

Ending, Chrono Trigger

Male, female, what's the difference?
Power is beautiful and I've got the power.

Flea, Chrono Trigger

Frog: Oww! Belly button... pain... ohhh...!
Guard: What's wrong?!
Frog: [hits Guard] You fool. Frogs haven't belly buttons!

In Blackbird, Chrono Trigger

Frog: It's been ages, Sir Slush!...
Slash: That's SLASH, you slimy dolt! Still playing a comedian, eh Glenn?

Frog & Slash, Chrono Trigger

I feel something having a powerful effect on the very fabric of time.

Gaspar, Chrono Trigger

Just as you touch the lives of every life form you meet, so, too will their
energy strengthen you. Fail to live up to your potential and you will never

Gaspar, Chrono Trigger

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Um...
Impossible! I'm...s...scared!
I HATE heights!

Golem Boss, Chrono Trigger

The black wind howls...

Janus, Chrono Trigger

You're wasting your time. Alfador only likes me.

Janus (when you talk to his cat), Chrono Trigger

One among you will shortly perish.

Janus (The Prophecy), Chrono Trigger

This is so depressing. No era is safe, and there isn't much of a future
to look forward to.

Lucca (after Ocean Palace), Chrono Trigger

We're from way after the day after tomorrow.

Lucca (to Ayla), Chrono Trigger

Marle: What's this?
Lucca: It appears to be a humanoid robot. Incredible!
Lucca: I think I can fix it.
Marle: What!? Won't it attack us?
Lucca: I'll make sure it won't. Machines aren't capable of evil.
Humans make them that way.
Marle: Lucca, you pity them, don't you.

Lucca & Marle (fixing Robo), Chrono Trigger

This is what happens to the fool who challenges the mighty Lucca! Ha-hahaha!

Lucca, Chrono Trigger

Liar! I was a perfect lady last night! Uhhhh.... why does my tummy hurt?

Lucca (after Prehistoric welcome party), Chrono Trigger

The black wind begins to blow...

Magus, Chrono Trigger

Play with fire, and you get burned.

Magus, Chrono Trigger

I survived the darkness to defeat you!

Magus (to Lavos), Chrono Trigger

If history is to change, let it change! If the world is to be
destroyed, so be it! If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh!!

Magus (Ending), Chrono Trigger

I...it's that stupid frog! Kissed any princesses lately?

Magus, Chrono Trigger

Finally... You have met your match, Lavos...

Magus, Chrono Trigger

Because of my knowledge I was able to convince the queen I was a mighty
oracle, but no history book could have prepared me for what happened here.

Magus, Chrono Trigger

I once lived there, but I was a different person then...

Magus, Chrono Trigger

How ironic that, having been drawn into yet another portal,
I would end up in this age.

Magus (12,000BC), Chrono Trigger

Say, can you hear that? It's the sound of the Reaper...

Magus, Chrono Trigger

I did not create Lavos! I merely summoned him!

Magus, Chrono Trigger

A time freeze... I never thought it's possible.

Magus, Chrono Trigger

Gone is the magical kingdom of Zeal, and all the dreams and ambitions of
its people.

Magus, Chrono Trigger

I didn't ``pick up'' anything! It's called ``common sense''!

Marle (to King), Chrono Trigger

You're awfully competitve, aren't you Crono?

Marle, Chrono Trigger

Th..This can't be the way the world ends...

Marle (after Day of Lavos), Chrono Trigger

Crono! We can't keep sponging my dad! Go out and get a job!

Marle (Crono's dream), Chrono Trigger

I guess you guys figured it out, huh?

Marle (about her identity), Chrono Trigger

Enough with the false modesty! You have a real gift! I would
trade my royal ancestry for your genius in a heartbeat!

Marle (to Lucca), Chrono Trigger

Mune: Will they fix us? Will they find us an owner?
Masa: Yeah, it'll be alright.

Masa & Mune, Chrono Trigger

Masa: I guess true strength comes from the heart....
Mune: Yeah....

Masa & Mune (Cyrus' Grave), Chrono Trigger

Masa: With Masa's bravery and...
Mune: Mune's knowledge!
Both: Two become one!!

Masa & Mune, Chrono Trigger

The ancient Red Rock has been passed down through the ages. From it, a
magic pendant and knife were made. We embody Melchior's dreams, sealed
within the knife...

Masa, Chrono Trigger

This weapon represents considerable power...Your actions may either save or
destroy life. Wield your sword with full knowledge of the consequences!

Melchior, Chrono Trigger

Humans are so... silly! It's how you USE the sword that's important...
not who owns it!

Mune, Chrono Trigger

We want nothing but world peace... Or a piece of the world, tee hee...

Nagaette, Chrono Trigger

The professor's programming was, in a sense, his own eulogy. Soon, I too
will be able to sleep forever. But first... There is one thing I must do.
............... Program error ...... my memory banks have failed.

Nu in Keeper's Dome (about Belthasar), Chrono Trigger

This is the hall of the Mammon Machine. Now is the time to turn back nu...

Nu in Ocean Palace, Chrono Trigger

This creature sleeps beyond the flow of time.

Nu in Belthasar's lab, Chrono Trigger

In our world, every storm has an end. Every night, brings a new morning.
What's important is to trust those you love, and never give up. We must
all keep hope alive...

Priestess (Cathedral before Black Omen), Chrono Trigger

What ARE you two doing?! I thought you said
something about a nice little slide show?

Crono (criticizing the slide show :), Chrono Trigger

[The End appears on the screen]
Marle: What? This is ending already?
Lucca: That's what that word usually means!

Slide Show Ending, Chrono Trigger

Behold, my pretties! Destiny, in its most brutal form. All the dreams that
might have been. All the happiness, and sorrow, you might have experienced.
Gone forever! For you there will be no tomorrow!

Queen Zeal (Black Omen), Chrono Trigger

Beings that are born of dreams must return to them...
The power of Lavos can make hopes and dreams come true...

Enlightened Woman at Zeal Palace, Chrono Trigger

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