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Final Fantasy Quotes - Final_Fantasy_9

Follows is my current collection of quotes from Final Fantasy and other Square games. (update: now that this list includes Suikoden and Xenosaga, I suppose it's not even limited to Square games. Ah well.) This file is updated automatically. Please feel free to suggest new quotes for me to add; my e-mail address is at the bottom of this page. The engine that generates this output is also responsible for my e-mail signatures and the signatures at the bottom of most pages on this site :)

Hmph. His only constant is his unpredictability...

Amarant (regarding Zidane), Final Fantasy IX

Baku: So this Dr. Tootsie is gonna give us the supersoft?
Marcus: It's Tot.
Baku: Looks like we're stuck babysittin' the princess again!
Marcus: Why?
Baku: Cause this Toot won't give you the supersoft if the princess
isn't with you!!
Marcus: It's Tot....
Baku: Might as well rest and give Ted time to prepare.
Marcus: It's Tot...

Final Fantasy IX

There's no difference between them and me. We're all just blindly
following orders. My heart and my will mean nothing...

Beatrix, Final Fantasy IX

The bell in your hand and the door bell are ringing!
The bell in your hand shattered...

Final Fantasy IX

I think the language of music is universal. Don't you agree?

Black Mage No. 123, Final Fantasy IX

I never knew weapons were used to hurt people. But we have magic. Why would
we need weapons? Do you think weapons will disappear when everyone is happy?
Does that mean we wouldn't need magic, either?

Black Mage No. 78, Final Fantasy IX

No cloud, no squall shall hinder us...

Marcus, Final Fantasy IX

I don't wanna be alone anymore ...

Eiko, Final Fantasy IX

To be forgotten is worse than death.

Freija, Final Fantasy IX

Someday I will be queen, but I will always be myself.

Garnet, Final Fantasy IX

I do what I want! You have problem?!

Quina, Final Fantasy IX

The only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty.

Salamander, Final Fantasy IX

Having sworn fealty, must I spend my life in servitude?

Steiner, Final Fantasy IX

How do you prove that you exist ... ? Maybe we don't exist ...

Vivi, Final Fantasy IX

You don't need a reason to help people.

Zidane, Final Fantasy IX

People follow a person who keeps on track. That's why I think a hero who
acts in a straightforward manner is remembered for generations.

Dagger (to Ramuh, ``Hero'' story), Final Fantasy IX

People pass down stories of other people to whom they feel an affinity. The
people in the story had flaws, as we all do. That is why they became heroes
in the people's mind.

Dagger (to Ramuh, ``Human'' Story), Final Fantasy IX

Quina: Ah, Zidane. You want go with me!
Zidane: Well... I sort of got stuck with the leftovers...
Quina: You no have to explain! I so happy.
Zidane: Huh?
Quina: There old saying in my tribe... Leftovers good!

Earth Shrine, Final Fantasy IX

The spell is actually much longer, but the eidolon asked me to hurry it up.

Eiko, Final Fantasy IX

Why defy your fate? Is the will to live that powerful...?

Necron (Endgame), Final Fantasy IX

This is not the end. I am eternal...
...as long as there is life and death...

Necron (Endgame), Final Fantasy IX

The answer you seek may forever change your life for the worse.

Freija (to Vivi), Final Fantasy IX

We live not to forget our past, but to learn from it!

Freija, Final Fantasy IX

Frog that goes squish, you'll make a fine dish!

Zorn & Thorn, Final Fantasy IX

Boy, you have been bewitched by the light of the blue moon.

Garland, Final Fantasy IX

Even if I were created to serve one purpose alone,
I do not regret being born to this world.

Garland, Final Fantasy IX

Your power is... meaningless...

Garland (to Kuja), Final Fantasy IX

I hope you get kicked by a horse.

Gatz (to Zidane), Final Fantasy IX

Zidane: Gee, all s/he ever thinks about is food.
Dagger: Well, all you ever think about is girls.
Zidane: Uh, that's right! My mind is filled with thoughts of... you!
(Maybe I'm trying too hard...)

In Conde Petie, Final Fantasy IX

Wh-What!? You've defeated Ozma!? ...
I've come too far to retreat. Onward!

Hades (in battle), Final Fantasy IX

Gatz: Sometimes we meet here secretly.
Lisa: Hi. Did you come to see the Shimmering Island, too?
Gatz: What do you want with Lisa?
Zidane: Uh, I came here to see you!
Lisa: Oh, you're just saying that. My name's Lisa, and I come here to
see Gatz sometimes.
Gatz: Hey, beat it.
Zidane: Hey, Lisa. How about you and me go see the Shimmering Island?
Lisa: Umm...okay.
Gatz: I hope you get kicked by a horse.
Lisa: Don't let him get to you. I'll see you around.
Gatz: Will you just get the heck away from us!?

Zidane (talking to couple at Esto Gaza), Final Fantasy IX

Dammit, Jim! I'm a doctor, not a miracle-worker! Ask somebody else.

(When you ask the supervisor about potions) Final Fantasy IX

Do not be restricted by your knowledge and experience. This place turns
logic upside-down. What's big is small, what's strong is weak, and heaven
is earth.

Ipsen Engraving, Final Fantasy IX

Peace is but a shadow of death,
Desperate to forget its painful past...
Though we hope for promising years
After shedding a thousand tears,
Yesterday's sorrow constantly nears.
And while the moon still shines blue,
By dawn, it will turn to scarlet hue.

Kuja, Final Fantasy IX

The canary I'm after... she flew into her cage of her own free will.

Kuja, Final Fantasy IX

...Farewell, Zidane...

Kuja, Final Fantasy IX

The room was terrible. Also, that thing crying ``Kupo-Kupo'' kept me
up all night. Throw him out ASAP, or I'm never coming back. -Lani

Comment form for Lindblum Inn, Final Fantasy IX

I'm kupo for Kupo Nuts!

Moguta, Final Fantasy IX

It feels... otherwordly, kupo.

Mene, Final Fantasy IX

The only thing I can't get used to is the
``Rally-Ho!''. I keep saying ``Rally-Kupo''!

Mogmatt, Final Fantasy IX

A kid named Vivi came to the Black Mage Village. His eyes were so sad...
Like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, kupo.

Mogryo (to Mocchi in a letter), Final Fantasy IX

You're starting to tick me off, Kupo!
I'm sharpening my knife, Kupo...

Moguo, Final Fantasy IX

You stand before the final dimension,
and I am the darkness of eternity...

Necron, Final Fantasy IX

Life fears death,
but lives only to die.
It starts with anxiety.
Anxiety becomes fear.
Fear leads to anger...
anger leads to hate...
hate leads to suffering...
The only cure for this fear
is total destruction.

Necron, Final Fantasy IX

Their minds are not hollow. I think that their minds
are just out to lunch for a little awhile...

Vivi (re Bran-Bal residents), Final Fantasy IX

<- Where there are owls
Where there are no owls ->

Final Fantasy IX

So this must be Garland's haunted mansion.
Talk about bad taste in interior decorating.

Zidane (in Pandemonium), Final Fantasy IX

I'm telling you, people who eat pickles are nice people!

Guard, Final Fantasy IX

World only have two things: Things you can eat and things you no can eat.

Quina, Final Fantasy IX

F..Frog... Is talking.. Maybe I eat it?

Quina (regarding Cid), Final Fantasy IX

Ayia! We almost flat like pancake!

Quina, Final Fantasy IX

This light make me feel like I become pot roast!

Quina (in Invincible), Final Fantasy IX

Is stone edible? Or is for barbeque?

Quina (Bran-Bal), Final Fantasy IX

It's not what the people say afterward...
What's important is being true to oneself.

Ramuh, Final Fantasy IX

One is all, all is one...

Taharka, Final Fantasy IX

Wow... Even the oglops are big in Lindblum!

Vivi (referring to Cid), Final Fantasy IX

I came here on vacation. I can't believe a war broke out! It's too dangerous
to walk outside. What am I gonna do? Give me back my money! -Dylan

Comment form for Lindblum Inn, Final Fantasy IX

Give me a Diamond. [...] Thanks a lot! Reach the round guy...
...Huh!? You already beat him??

Yan (if you find him after defeating Ozma), Final Fantasy IX

Zidane: I'm surprised you found this place. You got the talent to be a bandit!
How `bout you and me team up? We'll call ourselves ``The Betrothed''.
Dagger: My talent's up to snuff, but that name isn't.

In Madain Sari, Final Fantasy IX

Dwarf: Wh-What's an ootsider doin' here?
Zidane: Hi. Have you seen a strange-looking guy here?
He goes by the name of Kuja...
Dwarf: ...Yer strange-lookin'...
Zidane: No... You see, uh, he looks really sinister, and uh...
Dwarf: ...Yer sinister-lookin'...
Zidane: ...

Final Fantasy IX

Heroic? Human? Those are just things people say after the fact.
Why try to give meaning to what the main character chose?

Zidane (regarding Ramuh's story), Final Fantasy IX

The best dragon knight of Burmecia, the female general of Alexandria,
and Rusty... How could they lose?

Zidane, Final Fantasy IX

Today's special is... Soup du Silence. Not bad.

Zidane, Final Fantasy IX

Oh geez... I feel like I'm being watched...

Zidane (surrounded by eyes in Pandemonium)
Final Fantasy IX

A veritable emergency of terrible urgency!

Zorn, Final Fantasy IX

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