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Final Fantasy Quotes - Xenosaga

Follows is my current collection of quotes from Final Fantasy and other Square games. (update: now that this list includes Suikoden and Xenosaga, I suppose it's not even limited to Square games. Ah well.) This file is updated automatically. Please feel free to suggest new quotes for me to add; my e-mail address is at the bottom of this page. The engine that generates this output is also responsible for my e-mail signatures and the signatures at the bottom of most pages on this site :)

There's no point in having a weapon that can't even get out of bed!

Cherenkov (re: KOS-MOS), Xenosaga I

chaos: There are those who draw well, and those who run fast. Hammer's
navigational skills are top-notch, and his knowledge of the Net
is vast. Tony's helmsmanship skills are unrivaled. No one even
comes close. ...Or so he claims. The Captain... Well, no one
holds a greater amount of debt than the Captain.
Capt. Matthews: [starts to nod] Ahh, yes... Hey, wait a second!

Xenosaga I

I believe everyone has at least one skill that they excel in over all
others. It's something that defines who they are.

chaos, Xenosaga I

I wish you'd consider what the navigator has to go through!
I'm getting carpal tunnel thanks to you!

Hammer (to Tony), Xenosaga I

Go ahead, give it a try! The Elsa's forward window can withstand direct
hits from debris as big as 6mm! A punch from a girlie like you wouldn't
even dent...

Capt. Matthews (to KOS-MOS, famous last words), Xenosaga I

Evelyn: A humanoid machine, more graceful than any human, isn't that incredible?
Shion: Evelyn, is it just me, or are you starting to sound like Miyuki?
Evelyn: W-what?! No way! I am NOT like Miyuki at all!

Xenosaga I

I think developing psychological algorithms might be a job more suited
for psychics...

Karol Hadji, Xenosaga I

Oh... If I had known I'd be doing this, I would've spent more time at the
firing range.

Shion, Xenosaga I

We have everything from A.G.W.S. beam cannons to toilet paper.
There's nothing you can't get here!

``Talk to me!!'' clerk, Xenosaga I

Shoot, we're low on hypergol. Hey, you got any good oxidizer?

Woglinde bridge crew, Xenosaga I

When you have lost sight of the path, when you have become lost in life,
seek information. Information will surely give you a glimmer of hope. Seek,
or you will not be granted what it is you are looking for. There is no
shame in asking for information.
Incidentally, you must not ask me, as I know nothing. I take pride in
knowing nothing at all.

Woglinde crewmember, Xenosaga I

Realian: I have been studying fables and proverbs. But I am unable to
use them properly, and I am always being laughed at.
Shion: Hmmm, but your linguistic center doesn't seem to have any
Realian: I see, I must be just thinking too much. They do say ``better
safe than curry,'' so I figured I had nothing to lose in being
overly cautious.

Xenosaga I

Shion: ...Say, do you know any other proverbs?
Realian: Others?
``Casting food before swine.''
``Adding insult to perjury.''
``Roast meat prey upon the meal.''

Xenosaga I

Realian: ``Ill weeds grow a mace,'' they say!
Shion: Okay, that's it. Next time I come by, I'm bringing you a
proper proverb dictionary.

Xenosaga I

Crewman: Whenever I look at this switch, I hear a voice...
``Press me.''
``Hurry up and press me.''
``I dare you to press me!''
Can't you hear it too?
Game: There is a switch. Press it?
Shion: Yes

On the Woglinde, Xenosaga I

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